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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

What’s Making That Noise in Your Attic?

Fall is a favorite time of year here in Connecticut for many. Most of us enjoy the colorful leaves and crisper air. Fall is a season of change. Thankfully, most of the changes happen peacefully, but one change that can really be a nuisance is the increased squirrel activity. The gray squirrel is active year-round here in New England, but needs attics and chimneys for shelter during harsh weather. In the fall, gray squirrels randomly gather and bury a winter food supply. It’s a busy time for squirrels, and sometimes that can be a problem– especially if they try to invade our homes.

Are you hearing noises on your roof? Attic? Do you think you may have squirrels in your garage, fireplace, or chimney?

Maybe you’re not only hearing them, but you’re seeing them entering your attic space through holes or vents. You may be wondering, “How did they get access to the inside of my home?” Amazingly enough, squirrels can actually chew holes through materials if they’re determined to get in somewhere. They are destructive little creatures!

Most of the complaints that we get are from homeowners with squirrels in their houses which include the attic, chimney, and fireplace. If you’re hearing gnawing, scratching, and pattering sounds especially in early morning or daylight hours, it’s usually squirrels.

You can’t ignore the problem because squirrels in house eaves and attics can damage insulation and electrical wiring. In the worst case scenarios, they can cause power outages and may start fires. If they can get into your house, they need to be removed.

Squirrels are very crazy critters and cause severe damage if trapped inside a building attic. If frightened, they tend to run around a room with reckless abandon, knocking over anything in their way. They will also chew on your windows when they come down your chimney and through your fireplace, which is rather unpleasant.

The bottom line is that if you’re experiencing any squirrel activity and suspect you may have squirrels entering your home or one of your buildings, give Eliminate Em a call immediately.
The experts at Eliminate Em CAN REMOVE THEM, and we will do it humanely.

Eliminate Em can solve your squirrel problems by securing your house so they cannot get back in.

All of us at Eliminate Em wish you a pleasant, pest-free fall, but if it’s NOT, you know who to call.