"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    When you discover that a skunk has been digging in your garden or pantry pests are derailing your organized food storage set-up, frustration and concern are likely to arise. Thankfully, help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year when you contact Eliminate ‘Em as your pest control and extermination specialists in North Haven, CT. Our team of experts delivers the pest and wildlife prevention, control, and extermination services you need as soon as you discover a problem or suspect that there may be one. To protect the health of pets and human beings, as well as the structural integrity of your residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, act now to deter infestations of various insects and animals that can do significant damage to both.

    For expedient and effective remedies for any pest or wildlife issue, North Haven property owners can count on the aid of our pest control and extermination team. Reduce any worry by engaging with our preventative and maintenance services, including attic and basement cleanouts or insulation. Invite us to immediately resolve issues with existing intruders and improve the overall safety of your environment with the assistance of our pest control and extermination technicians. With the solutions you need today and the skills to protect you and your property moving forward, contact your North Haven, CT team for service at your commercial, industrial, or residential locations.

    Extermination and Pest Control in North Haven, CT

    In North Haven and other surrounding communities, pest and wildlife control and extermination services are available from the professional, licensed Eliminate ‘Em team. Our skilled service providers leverage their expertise to deter or address your property’s insect or animal problems, from initial assessment through final sanitation. Please feel comfortable asking our specialists any questions you may have about the problem or the action plan. Also, know that we understand the challenges of navigating home or business schedules, so we willingly work with your calendar and can use unmarked vehicles upon request to provide anonymous service.

    When you work with the Eliminate ‘Em company, here are some of the many benefits:

    • Options for eco-friendly and ethical applications
    • Availability for long-term contract and routine maintenance
    • Anonymous service by client request
    • First responder, military, and senior discounts
    • Wildlife and pest removal – guaranteed!

    North Haven pest control and extermination professionals can help resolve issues related to the following pests and wildlife, as well as many others:

    Reliable Pest Control Providers & Exterminators in North Haven, CT

    Having achieved the Better Business Bureau’s “A” rating, our family-owned company is proud to continue providing pest control and extermination services, just as it has done for over 35 years. In locations like North Haven and all of the neighboring communities, our skilled pest controllers and exterminators have ensured the safety of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. The Eliminate ‘Em team members also participate in ongoing training and other learning events, so that they can be informed about the best and most up-to-date practices in pest control and extermination, such as eco-friendly and ethical treatments. Due to this expertise, the Eliminate ‘Em technicians can effectively perform the extermination services or pest control and prevention that you may need.

    To protect the health of your valued people and pets and the structural soundness of your home or building, Eliminate ‘Em is standing by to provide immediate service.

    To make an appointment with a trusted pest control company in North Haven, CT, contact or call us today at (866) 802-7378.