"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

It’s Time: Bat Removal

The best time for bat removal is NOW. If you are seeing bats enter your house, it is time to consider professional bat removal services.

Bats can be creepy little creatures, which is probably why their likeness is used as part of Halloween decorations and decor. One of the most common bat species in the Northeast is called the Small Brown Bat. These little bats have glossy fur and short ears. They’re found all over North America, but are mainly a Northern species. They produce one young a year in the spring after hibernation, and often occupy structures in the spring and summer. They will give birth in buildings but may hibernate elsewhere. Little Brown Bats are primarily colonial bats, living in potentially large social groups.

What to Know About Humane Bat Removal

Licensed professionals provide humane bat removal services, for the following legal reasons:

  • The Endangered Species Act of 1973 and the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1956 protect the six federally listed endangered bat species. Federal law safeguards not just the bats, but their habitat as well, so you can’t take matters into your own hands.
  • International law also protects bats. Like U.S. federal law, bat habitats are also protected.
  • State law protects bats and their habitats in several states, including West Virginia, Oklahoma and Maryland. Other states, such as Connecticut and Florida, include regulations that are limited to federally listed species.

Professional Bat Removal Services

The biggest reason to have bats removed is summed up in two words: Property Devaluation. Property damage caused by bats can be horrendous. It is best to take action and call Eliminate ’Em as soon as bats are suspected for professional bat removal services.

Second, like other mammals, a small percentage of bats contract rabies. And while it is possible for humans to contract rabies from bats (it does happen occasionally), the chance of it actually occurring is not very strong. That being said, risk can and should be minimized by avoiding contact with bats, particularly those that appear sick or are not behaving normally (active during the day, having trouble flying, etc.). It is advisable to have your home professionally examined if you believe you may be living with bats. Never try to handle bats yourself.

More About Humane Bat Removal Services

Remember, even though bats have a bad reputation, they are legally protected and should be removed from homes and buildings in a humane way. Do not employ potentially lethal techniques to try to rid yourself of bats. The trained technicians at Eliminate ’Em can humanely remove bats from your home and close up points of entry. The best time for bat removal services is during the fall or early spring. Interestingly, bat proofing isn’t done between May and mid-August because mothers are providing food for their pups and could be shut out of a house causing death to the young ones.

Don’t hesitate to call for a FREE ESTIMATE NOW for professional and human bat removal services! If you have bats or anything else creeping or flying into your house, call Eliminate ‘Em NOW! 1-866-906-9070 (7378).