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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Ant Infestations 101

An ant infestation is the last thing anyone wants in their home, office, or anywhere for that matter. Spring and summer are the peak season for homeowners to experience ant infestations here in New England. There are various different types of ants in the Northeast, some of which can be harmful to your home. These various types come with different nesting habits, food preferences, and dangers. Because of this, it is important to be aware of some of the most common ants, how to avoid them, and when to call in a professional ant exterminator to tackle the invasion.

What is an Ant Infestation?

Ants can find their way into your home through even the tiniest of cracks. Depending on the ant, they are often in search of food or moisture for their survival, which is the reason why many ant infestations are found in kitchens and bathrooms. However, ants can ultimately make their way into any part of your home, including deep within its structure, as they search for food and a place to nest.

All ants produce scent chemicals called pheromones, which ants use for communicating with each other and for making trails. This pheromone trail leads other ants from the colony into your home, thus becoming the catalyst of an ant invasion as more and more ants follow the trail. If you begin seeing ants regularly in your home, it may be the start of an ant infestation, which should be acted upon in a timely manner to avoid the nuisance and costly impact of the infestation progressing.

Which Ants Might Cause an Ant Problem in Your House?

We’ll start with the ant that could cause the most damage to your home, the carpenter ant. When carpenter ants invade, they tunnel and nest in the wood structures of your home. This can cause weakness and damage, which can ultimately put the structural integrity of your home in jeopardy. Not only does the damage caused by these tiny pests pose a safety risk within your home, but it can also lead to costly damage.

Another common type of ant that may cause an ant infestation in your house are sugar ants. Sugar ants, although they may not inflict as much damage, are quite the nuisance when they find their way into your home. A sugar ant infestation in your house would usually begin in the kitchen, as they like to feed on sweet foods, proteins, and fats.

Whether a carpenter, sugar, or other type of ant, knowing these various types of ants can aid in identifying why your home is attracting these pests and possible solutions to your infestation.

How to Avoid an Ant Infestation in your House

There are a few steps that you can take to avoid an ant invasion in your home. Many ants enter homes as they search for food and water, which unfortunately leads them into our kitchens from time to time. This leads us to tip number one to avoiding an ant invasion, which is to keep food and water away from these pests’ reach. This could include regularly cleaning out cabinets, keeping food in airtight containers, and eliminating water sources when possible (such as pet water bowls and leaky pipes).

A second tip to avoid an ant problem in your house is by ensuring your home is free of rotting or moisture-ridden wood. For example, carpenter ants seek out these conditions and can wreak havoc on your home. To avoid the nuisance and costly damage this could cause, it is important to prevent these conditions in your home and take action when it is identified.

Here are some additional tips for avoiding an ant infestation in your house:

  1. Sweep and vacuum your home regularly
  2. Seal off any cracks or potential entrances to your home
  3. Keep garbage lids closed
  4. Remove and replace wood that has been previously infested by ants

How to Deal with an Ant Infestation

When avoiding an ant problem in your home fails it is important to take action quickly. When an ant invasion does end up occurring in your home, DIY approaches deem an almost impossible task. It is best to call a professional like Eliminate’Em, where we have the training and experience necessary to eliminate ant infestations and return peace to your home or office. Our professional ant exterminators will tackle your ant infestation in a fast, reliable, and safe manner, sealing off possible entrants to avoid future ant invasions in your house.

The best time to call is immediately after you see signs on an ant infestation. If you have ants or anything else creeping, crawling, or flying into your house, call us NOW!