"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"
"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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    RhodeIslandCritters getting into the garbage, infesting stumps in the yard, and building nests in your house? You don’t want to disturb Mother Nature, but you also don’t want to damage your home’s foundation, either.

    Pests, from mice and carpenter ants to ticks and termites, range from annoying to harmful. And ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. In fact, letting a pest chew into the wood results in more expensive damage and puts your home at risk. For others, not removing them exposes you and your family to diseases.

    While certain products promise you pest removal, the only tried-and-true, effective way is to get a professional involved. With Eliminate ‘Em, we come over to identify the problem, remove or exterminate the pest, and protect your Rhode Island home against future infestations.

    RI Exterminator Offering 24/7/365 Service & Same-Day Pest Control

    Just discovered termites in the middle of the night? Don’t wait another second, as Eliminate ‘Em is here to address the issue.

    Our technicians are on call 24/7/365, ready to schedule an appointment.

    Not only do we provide prompt service, but we also offer:

    • Safe, non-chemical solutions that won’t put your health at risk.
    • Information and advice to prevent future infestations.
    • Long-term protection. Not only do we remove the pest, but we seal any pathways that allowed it to enter in the first place.

    As an Eliminate ‘Em customer, you’re guaranteed quick, clean and safe service to remove the pest problem from your home or business.

    Guaranteed to be Pest Free

    With us, your Rhode Island home is guaranteed to be pest free, according to our agreement, or you’ll receive a refund.

    Through our team, expect quick, courteous, and safe pest control service. And through promptly and effectively helping customers, we’ve even earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Our Rhode Island Service Area

    Whether you have to get rid of those ants or need to swiftly address a bedbug problem, Eliminate ‘Em is here, available around the clock, in:

    As a family-owned company, we have provided Rhode Island pest control services for over 35 years. Our company continues to grow over three decades due to our focus on customer service and ethical treatment of animals. We believe it is important to shed some light on the humane business practices of our industry. Over the years, we completely understand that these practices may seem insensitive to those outside of our industry, but we value the ethical treatment of animals and do not support methods of pest control that compromise their well-being.

    Why wait? Get rid of those pests today with fast, comprehensive, and safe extermination services from Eliminate ‘Em.

    To make an appointment, call us today at (866) 802-7378.