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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Protect Your Home & Closet from Clothes Moths

We all have fabric pieces in our closets or around our homes that we value for more than simply their price tags, like the leather coin purse your daughter gave to you on your birthday, the silk tie that your husband wore when you got married, or that stunning wool rug that you inherited from your beloved grandparents. However, any items made of natural, keratin-containing fibers are at risk of damage by clothes moths. Protect your memories and preserve your investments by engaging help from Eliminate ‘Em. Our team of pest control experts can assist you in preventing clothes moths and getting rid of any existing moth infestations.

Why are there clothes moths in my closet?

clothing moth

If you’ve ever seen little moths flying out of your closet, you may have a problem. While these pests are willing to consume carpet fibers or even upholstered furniture, closets are particularly attractive for a variety of reasons. From sweaters, coats, and blankets to items including animal fur, leather, or feathers, closets offer an incredible bounty of keratin for any resident clothes moth to enjoy, according to the University of Kentucky’s Department of Entomology. However, even other materials may be at risk if they are combined with one of these animal fibers or have substantial food stains or body oils on them. Consequently, clothes moths may make a home in your closet for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Dark areas with minimal disturbance, especially those with higher humidity levels, are a preferable living environment for clothes moths.
  • Less frequent cleaning of closets in comparison to other higher-traffic locations in the home may mean a buildup of hair or dirt which can be an additional food source for moths.
  • Access to food is easy, especially with those “to be worn again one day” clothes at the back of the closet.
  • Secondhand clothes purchases may bring the larvae or eggs of clothes moths into the home without your knowledge.

While there are other pests, like cockroaches and earwigs, who damage fabric by chewing or shredding, clothing moths cannot digest keratin. To ensure accurate identification of clothes moths and appropriate removal practices, contact the expert Eliminate ‘Em pest control professionals near you.

How do I get rid of clothes moths?


Having clothes moths damage an old felt hat that you forgot you even had or that sweater you got on sale is a nuisance. Seeing a section of your grandmother’s carpet destroyed by clothes moths may come at a more painful cost – a lifetime of memories. Fortunately, there are steps that homeowners can take to help deter clothes moths, as well as strategies and services that professional pest control specialists can provide to aid you in preventing a clothes moth problem or in getting rid of one.

Tips for Reducing the Likelihood of Clothes Moths

  • Be vigilant about frequent cleaning and vacuuming, including your closets.
  • Inspect clothing and fabric that you bring into the home. Use high temperatures to wash these items immediately to kill moth larvae or have them dry-cleaned.
  • Add moth deterrents like mothballs, red cedar, or lavender sachets into closets and other storage spaces.
  • Store less frequently used items in garment bags or airtight containers.
  • Check all storage areas regularly to keep an eye out for any signs of moth activity.

Professional Services to Deter and Get Rid of Moths

  • Routine inspections are an effective way to ensure that clothes moths and any other unwanted intruders aren’t making themselves at home on your residential, commercial or industrial property. This service is essential for proactive care and expedient solutions, if needed.
  • Scheduling attic and basement cleanouts can support you on your mission to declutter and protect your home against clothes moths, mice, termites and other undesirable pests.
  • Taking advantage of exclusion and abatement services, like sealing any potential entry points into the home, can help keep unwanted intruders out of your closet and your entire building.
  • Our professional clothes moth experts can also provide customized strategies specific to your individual location or pest control concerns.

At Eliminate ’Em, we understand how important it is to get fast, professional, and courteous service. Our team is available 24/7 on every day of the year and can provide same-day service if needed. Whether you are looking to protect your most treasured possessions from clothes moths or need any other pest or wildlife control services, Eliminate ‘Em is here to assist you. With over 35 years in the business and a commitment to our craft and our clients, Eliminate ‘Em is standing by to provide the support and solutions you need today! Contact us today.