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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

5 Kinds of Structural Damage Caused by Rodents

blogMouseMice and rats might appear small, but they sure wreck a large amount of havoc on your home. In the process, your safety gets compromised, and repairing it all eats into your hard-earned dollars.

But, when you notice a mouse or see rat droppings, there’s a chance your home could experience:

Fires and Floods

What many don’t realize is, rats and mice love to gnaw – and they’ll go after any material. Your wires aren’t exempt, and after rodents have chewed through the insulation, they’ll get to the metal. As a result, a fire might start, or in a lesser scenario, your home might see a short circuit.

At the same time, rodents go after pipes. When they’ve chewed a hole in one, water leaks out, damaging your property and potentially leading to a flood. And, depending upon the pipes they chew, your home could experience a gas leak, or your sewage system make break.


The nests themselves aren’t a direct structural hazard. Rather, how the rodents acquire the materials is.

Rats and mice chew and tear through plastic, cloth, wood, paper, and insulation. As a result, the pests take away crucial aspects of keeping your home warm and powered. With time, as the rodents build more nests, more tearing and holes occur.


As rodents will chew on any material, no area of your home is safe. Along with wires and pipes, mice and rats may go after your furniture, sheetrock, wood, and foundation – high-priced items that could be permanently compromised.


In addition to all points mentioned above, rodents may build nests inside your heating and cooling ducts. When this happens, your home’s HVAC system is less efficient, exposes everyone to harmful germs and bacteria, and may break.

Even though rodents’ damage is extensive, homeowners insurance policies refuse to cover repairs, which means you’ll be shouldering all expenses out of pocket.

Once you notice a pest or see the signs, it’s a must to get an extermination professional involved. Don’t wait – give Eliminate ‘Em a call today for 24/7 pest control service. No matter the time of day, we’ll come to your location to assess the problem and provide a solution.