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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Raccoon Damage? Here’s Your Sign (Part 1)

You may find adult raccoon and their young cute . . . until they move from their natural home into yours!

Raccoons are highly adaptable to urban and suburban situations, so your home can easily become a substitute den site. Your attic and wall spaces provide enough out-of-the-way nooks and crannies for them.

Raccoons aren’t out to ruin your home; they just need a place to stay during these cold fall and winter days. And while there are plenty of natural options for raccoon den sites, your home may be an easy alternative. If your house isn’t secure against these furry intruders, it may become just what they were looking for – a place to rear young.

Here are some signs of raccoon damage:

* You actually SEE raccoons taking up residence.
* Damage will most likely take place in the attic. Look for torn soffits under eaves, broken or chewed eave fascia boards, roof shingles torn away near vents, or broken attic vents.
* Droppings may be found in a central location on the roof, known as a raccoon latrine, or inside the attic.
* Inside the attic you may find flattened insulation, flexible ducts that have been ripped apart, and chewed wiring. This means insulation that doesn’t insulate, and damaged wiring that can cause a fire.
* You may see your trash cans being invaded and garbage strewn about.

Don’t take it lightly if you see raccoons around your home or even raccoon damage. These little masked critters are a common carrier of rabies. Do not approach them. You will need professional help if you have raccoons in your home. Eliminate’Em not only will humanely remove raccoons, but we’ll take measures to prevent them from returning by sealing up entry points.

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Stay tuned for the second part of this blog that will give you tips for preventing nuisance raccoons.