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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

Should I Be Worried About Termites in My Yard?

termites-outsideYou’re doing some gardening, when you come across these winged insects that look like ants. At this moment, you realize you’ve come across termites. The second thought usually to cross your mind is, “How will this affect my home?”

The fact is, termites in the yard could be a cause for concern – or not. Context is key. Their presence may indicate an infestation risk, but simply removing any wood – stumps, piles, or a fence – doesn’t necessarily decrease the likelihood your home will be attacked.

When you find yourself experiencing this scenario, what should you do?

Assess Your Yard

A handful of points indicate whether your home may be next:

  1. Have you already seen a swarm in your home? Know when to spot it.
  2. Are there mud tubes near the foundation? Subterranean termites create these structures from the soil to a source of food – your home, in this case.
  3. Are there entry points? Crucial ones leading to an infestation are excess soil and debris, wood structures that touch the ground directly, and firewood piles leaning against your home.
  4. Is there mulch? A thick layer – over one inch – attracts moisture, which, in turn, brings termites to your yard.
  5. Is there untreated wood? Termites tend to avoid pressure-treated wood, but untreated varieties are fair game.

Consider the Termites May Be from a Satellite Colony

What many homeowners don’t realize is, subterranean termites often build their nests several feet underground. What you see might be a satellite colony developing; the real risk might not even be evident.

So, you might think, “Why not eliminate this source?” When you take away a stump or remove wood already being chewed, the satellite colony simply transfers to another location.

Get an Assessment

While termite removal kits are easy to come by, identifying a source should be left to the professionals. When you’re concerned about a few termites flying in your yard, schedule an appointment with a termite control expert at Eliminate ‘Em.

Eliminate ‘Em will evaluate your property to find the source – or to reassure you that this was a one-time incident. To find out, start by contacting us today.