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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

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Check out all of our tips for enjoying a pest free holiday!

  1. When serving food keep it in one area of your home or office – avoid putting appetizers throughout in many different areas
  2. Keep entry ways and garage doors shut at all times, this includes chimney flu’s when not in use. This keeps animals out where they belong.
  3. Make sure all chimney’s are securely capped with properly fitted chimney caps.
  4. Have a trained professional inspect for any entry points around the foundation and in the basement of your home or office.
  5. When serving small pieces of food like peanuts, candies (i.e. M&M’s) and other small foods provide cups for people to put food into
  6. When serving children offer them a single area to eat and drink in. Avoid children walking around your home or office with food or drink
  7. If offering a sit down type of meal be sure to sweep or vacumn under and around the table when everybody leaves. Avoid waiting a day or two to clean your floors…pests will smell the food and come crawling!
  8. Keep pet foods in tightly secured containers
  9. Make sure that outside garbage containers are not left open overnight, and secured with tight fitting lids (bungee cords work well!)
  10. Keep gutters clean and cleared to prevent a habitat for rodents and pests
  11. After the gathering in a home or office mop the floors to remove sticky residue that may attract insects

Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers 24-hour pest control, 7 days a week in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Their exterminators are available throughout Christmas and New Years should homeowners and businesses have a pest or wildlife problem.