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"The Best Service at the Right Price… TODAY!"

4 Painfully Awful Basement Pest Infestations

Having a pest problem in your home is bad enough, but having a basement pest infestation can seem even more alarming. As the weather warms up, pests will wake from hibernation and look for a nice cool place to take over. Chances are these pests will find a way in then do what they do best, make more pests. Check out what can happen if you don’t act fast:

Holy Bed Bugs! If this video doesn’t make your skin crawl, well, you’re probably an expert like us. If you have an issue like this, call us; unless you like the tingling sensation.


Even though the living space in your basement looks fine, brown-banded cockroaches like to conceal themselves in inaccessible spaces. Check and small closets or cabinets regularly before the problem looks like this.

termite tubing on wood framing-resized-600

These mud tubes are built by termites and can be built straight through cracks in the concrete. Even though your basement walls don’t leak water, that doesn’t mean some shifty termites can’t find their way in. The insides of your basement walls could be covered with these guys and you wouldn’t know it. That’s not just an awful infestation, it’s a painful one to your wallet.


We realize that worms might not be as gross or fast moving as many other pests but they are still a very big problem for many basements. This is usually not just a pest problem but an irrigation problem.


If you see these in your basement, RUN! GET TO THE CHOPPER! Ok, so they won’t hurt you but they will hurt your house, in big ways. Don’t let your entire basement fill up with these guys, we guarantee they won’t pay rent.